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Expert research, evaluation, consultation and organisational development services and support

What we do


For more than a decade we’ve been working with clients across the country to conduct the highest quality social research. All of our projects are tailored to clients’ needs. They include:

  • Bespoke questionnaire design

  • Large and small scale surveys of specific populations or communities

  • Online survey design and administration

  • Community consultations

  • Needs analyses

  • In-depth interviewing

  • Focus group discussions with stakeholders

We’re specialists in the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods, and we often use a ‘mixed-method’ approach to ensure that our we truly answers the research questions. We’re skilled at collecting and rigorously analysing complex statistical information, and in using qualitative data to provide a valid picture of stakeholders’ views and experiences.

In terms of qualitative research, we specialise in the use of participatory research methods to fully engage community members and other stakeholders. This helps us to fully understand the views and perspectives of community members and service-users, particularly those who might not typically engage with research.

Much of our work with communities and service-users has been conducted with so-called ‘hard to engage’ groups, including particularly ‘vulnerable’ individuals. We’ve conducted numerous one-to-one qualitative interviews with parents, young people, and other service users who have experienced very difficult life circumstances. We’ve carried out research and evaluation work with ethnically and culturally diverse communities across England, and worked with stakeholders at all levels.

We’re a London-based research organisation, but work with clients across the country. We conduct research in London, the South East, and further afield.

We can handle all your research needs - from design, through to analysis and dissemination - and we’ll work closely with you at all stages of the research process.

If you’re looking for a social researcher or research organisation, get in touch to discuss how we can work together.


We can help you to gain insight into the needs, views or experiences of your service-users or community members.  Whether you’re planning a project, or currently delivering one, we can ensure you have the necessary data and intelligence to make your services a success and meet the needs of your clients or service-users.

Past consultation clients include local authorities, third sector organisations, and individual community-based projects, so whether you’d like a small or larger scale consultation conducted, we can help.  We can conduct individual and group-based consultations, conduct a survey, or plan and coordinate a consultation event. 

We know that many organisations have difficulty reaching and effectively engaging with their clients, so we use a range of innovative methods to make sure that we reach all relevant stakeholders.


Many organisations have good existing data on how their services operate but need help making best use of it.  Whether it’s numerical monitoring or survey data, or in-depth, qualitative information, we can work with you to collate and analyse your data, and turn it into useable, practical, easy to understand findings.     

Effective research, evaluation and monitoring aren’t always about collecting more information – effectively using what you have can be just as important.  Knowing what questions to ask of your data is vital and we’re specialists in this area.

Clients who have asked us to analyse data on their behalf include Department for Education, Government Equalities Office, numerous local authorities and third sector organisations, and many smaller organisations who just needed someone to help them analyse and make sense of their information.


We are impacts and outcomes specialists, and over the past decade we’ve conducted dozens of different evaluation projects, for numerous governmental, charity, and voluntary sector clients. 

We conduct formative and summative evaluations of projects, often working with clients over a period of time to ensure that evaluation findings inform the on-going development of their projects.  Our work helps to highlight both anticipated and unexpected project outcomes and impacts. 

We can help you to evaluate the operation and impacts of individual services and activities, evaluate key areas of work (such as outreach, client support or community involvement), or explore the overall effectiveness of specific interventions. 

If you work with NLH Partnership, you can be sure that your evaluation with result in practical recommendations that will help your project to develop, improve, become sustainable, and if necessary, gain continuation funding.  There are more details about our clients and some of our work on our ‘our work’ page here

NLH Partnership’s Director Nigel Lloyd was a National Coordinator for the National Evaluation of Sure Start (NESS), a multi-million pound evaluation of a flagship Government project for children and families.  He has been an evaluation advisor for dozens of projects, and is an expert in designing, conducting and facilitating evaluation that allows difference and change over time and ‘distance travelled’ to be assessed.

Evaluation of projects and services for children, young people, and families remains a key area of NLH Partnership’s expertise.  This includes evaluations of Children’s Centre impacts and the work of family support and early intervention services.  We’ve developed a range of tools and toolkits that have enabled these services to effectively measure their core outcomes.

 We’re a London-based evaluation organisation, but work with clients across the country.  We conduct evaluations in London, the South East, and further afield. 

 If you’re looking for an evaluation organisation get in touch to discuss how we can work together.


We have more than a decade’s experience of delivering high-quality evaluation training and building evaluation capacity within organisations. 

We run our own evaluation workshops and masterclasses, as well as delivering bespoke, in-house evaluation training courses to ensure that teams have the skills and knowledge they need to meet their monitoring, data collection, evaluation, and service-delivery requirements.  We’ve delivered tailored, in-house masterclasses, workshops and training courses for dozens of local authorities across England, helping them to build the capacity of their teams to effectively evaluate services and measure the outcomes of their work.

Evaluation doesn’t need to be difficult and daunting, and our training breaks the process down into easy-to-understand steps, stages and tasks.  Our evaluation training is high quality yet accessible.  A range of individuals have benefitted from attending our training, including: community members; service commissioners; contract managers; monitoring and evaluation officers; youth workers; social workers; health visitors; midwives and teachers.

 We’re committed to up-skilling those involved in delivering services, and increasing their capacity to conduct their own high-quality evaluation work, and embed strong and sustainable evaluation practice.


Planning new services or developing existing ones requires good quality data and evidence about service-users’ needs and experiences.  We work with organisations to help them understand the type of data/evidence that might be useful to them, and to collect, analyse and make sense of it.  This way, you can be sure that your services are based on a rock-solid foundation.

Our service development work has included:

  • Working with organisations who’ve attracted new funding to help them decide how best to target that funding to enhance their services and better deliver towards their targets.

  • Service reviews of projects’ goals and the outcome, and helping to redesign those services so they more effectively address their intended aims and outcomes.

  • Assessing the impacts and value of different services with similar intended outcomes, to assess their cost-effectiveness and the most effective way to achieve outcomes for service-users.

  • Organisational and project reviews, including work such as Organisational Strength Reviews for those in receipt of Big Lottery Fund Reaching Communities funding.