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Clients: Department for Education

Nigel Lloyd is an Analytical Associate for the Department for Education and we've carried out a number of projects for DfE over past few years. 

 When DfE needed a detailed understanding of the costs of delivering the Government-funded Early Education Entitlement, it asked NLH Partnership to work with it.  We worked with early years providers across England to conduct a qualitative and quantitative study of the unit costs of providing childcare.  You can find a copy of our report here. (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/early-education-entitlement-cost-for-childcare-providers)

Our other recent work for DfE has included:

  • Analysis of the data from a large-scale survey of early years providers into their views on the impact of the qualification requirements for staff recruitment, retention and progression.  We analysed more than 4,000 responses and the findings of this study were led to changes in childcare staff educational qualification requirements.  You can find more detail and the consultation here: (https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/level-3-early-years-educator-numeracy-and-literacy-requirements)

  • A telephone survey of post-16 education providers (including schools, 6th form colleges and special schools), exploring engagement with the National Post-16 Courses Database (a Government initiative to increase access to post-16 information and guidance).

  • A qualitative study into staffing ratios in early years settings and implications for service delivery.