Welcome to NLH Partnership


Experts in social research, evaluation, training and organisational development

Welcome to NLH Partnership

NLH Partnership is an independent research, evaluation, training and development organisation. We use our skills and experience to help organisations evidence the impacts and outcomes of their work, and develop effective systems, processes and tools for understanding, managing and improving their services.

We work in partnership with a wide range of clients, including central government departments, local authorities, health services, charities, voluntary organisations, and community-based groups, to help them better understand the services they deliver, and develop and improve them.

We specialise in working with services aimed at children, young people and families, health improvement programmes, and community-focused, area-based initiatives.

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NLH Partnership Ltd
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Email: contact@nlhpartnership.co.uk

Telephone: 07711 872621

What we do


For more than a decade we’ve been working with clients across the country to conduct the highest quality social research.  All of our projects are tailored to clients’ needs. 

They include: bespoke questionnaire design; large and small scale surveys of specific populations or communities; online survey design and administration; community consultations; needs analyses; in-depth interviewing; and focus group discussions with stakeholders.

evaluation TRAINING and capacity building

We have more than a decade’s experience of delivering high-quality evaluation training and building evaluation capacity within organisations.  We run our own evaluation workshops, and also deliver bespoke, in-house evaluation training courses to ensure that teams have the skills and knowledge to meet their monitoring, data collection, evaluation, and service-delivery requirements. 


We are impacts and outcomes specialists, and over the past decade we’ve conducted dozens of different evaluation projects, for numerous governmental, charity, and voluntary sector clients. 

We can help you to evaluate the operation and impacts of individual services and activities, evaluate key areas of work (such as outreach, client support or community involvement), or explore the overall effectiveness of specific interventions.

data analysis and analytics

Many organisations have good existing data but need help making best use of it.  Whether it’s numerical monitoring or survey data, or in-depth, qualitative information, we can work with you to collate and analyse your data, and turn it into useable, practical, easy to understand findings. Knowing what questions to ask of your data is vital and we’re specialists in this area.    


We can help you to gain insight into the needs, views or experiences of your service-users or community members.  Whether you’re planning a project, or currently delivering one, we can ensure you have the necessary data and intelligence to make your services a success and meet the needs of your clients or service-users.

Past consultation clients include local authorities, third sector organisations, and individual community-based projects.

service development

Planning new services or developing existing ones requires good quality data and evidence about service-users’ needs and experiences.  We work with organisations to help them understand the type of data/evidence that might be useful to them, and to collect, analyse and make sense of it.  This way, you can be sure that your services are based on a rock-solid foundation.



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